Ainsley of Highlake

The party's ranger.


This tow-headed, soft-spoken youth has a willowy build with looks that verge on delicate. Indeed, he looks like he couldn’t be much older than eighteen summers. Any impression of softness, however, is dispelled by his calloused hands and the easy grace in his gait. Some stubbornly callow freckles are scattered over his cheeks and nose; they are at odds with his eyes, which are iron-grey in hue and suggest a certain thoughtfulness unusual for his age.

His wears the simple clothes of a forester, dyed in muted browns and greens. Slung over his back is a long-bow and a quiver of arrows, both well-worn and well-cared for, and decorated with simple knot-work eagles. A long knife hangs at his belt, though it appears to be purely utilitarian and not meant for combat.


Ainsley of Highlake

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