Gareth Stormwinde

A bard in the party. A debonair musician.


Gareth has an irreproachably debonair, albeit subtle charm to him that makes the savvy trouper likable enough without the usual flair and extravagance that typically comes with being a performer. Indeed, the only tangible indication of Gareth’s musical vocation seems to be an elegantly carved lute slung lazily across his back, which he habitually plucks and tunes with his calloused fingers, either to ease boredom or hew a new song from his head.

Amiable, collected and easily amused, Gareth’s demeanor is as disarming as it is captivating, punctuated by a calm hazel
gaze and infectious, mirthful laughter. Though a bit more aloof when not stringing a tune or relaxing amid tavern-goers,
Gareth enjoys long chats when someone strikes him as being engaging enough to reciprocate his easy wit. Gareth’s voice is as warm as his personality, strong but not deep, a fluid tenor born from years of practice pretending to be the words of kings, heroes, and beggars in his songs.

Clad in a well-cut tunic of emerald green, a pair of neat gray slacks and a heavy leather cloak with decorative gold trim, Gareth is sufficiently dressed to be received with at least some level of politesse in the company of nobility or clergy. With his tall lean frame, wild chestnut hair, and tanned face however, it’s obvious that Gareth prefers the dusty highways of New Hope and the Three Cities to stuffy antechambers of his patrons.


Gareth Stormwinde

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