Settlers Ships

The kingdom is relatively young, having been settled by four shiploads of settlers a little less than 300 years ago. The account below represents a typical schoolchild’s version of the founding of the New Kingdom, written in the familiar clumsily run-on style of the Old Kingdom historians.

The Settlers’ Story

The Old Kingdom lay in ruin and the cities festered and burned and even the King had fallen into madness and fever when it fell upon Captain Arron Whitehill, Supreme Commander of the Kings Seas, to lead the men and women out of the cities and into what ships could be mustered for the journey across the Straits to the island that was in old times called Seawatch, which is now called New Hope, land of the New Kingdom.

The ships he mustered were six in number and their names and the names of their captains are beloved and legendary, and they were

Captain Arron Whitehill commanding the Settlers’ Hope

Captain Burrel Stonemount commanding the Sunrise

Captain Randell Stormwinde commanding the Waverider

Captain Ramsden Whitehorse commanding the Seamaid

Captain Stanwoode Gatemaster commanding the Northstar

Captain Worthe Swiftwater commanding the Ironhull

And then these six ships set sail across the straits, each with two hundred passengers seeking refuge from the five years of torment that plagued the Old Kingdom Lands. They left with prayers in their hearts and on their tongues for safe passage, but the straits are treacherous and the seas are fierce and seven days into their journey on the night of the dark moon a fog and a storm fell upon them and when the storm lifted the Ironhull and the Waverider were lost. And so on the Day of Remembrance we remember those brave would-be settlers claimed by the sea on the 29th day of the sixth month.

Then on the 14th day of the seventh month, on the day of the full moon, the four settlers ships sighted land at what is now called Southlanding. And the first to set foot upon this new land was Captain Ramsden Whitehorse of the Seamaid, who would become the First Lord Southlanding. And in time each captain was granted a portion of this New Land and they made their king Arron of Whitehill, Supreme Commander of the Kings Seas, Savior of the Settlers Ships, who is remembered as Arron I, known as The Great King, or The Settler King.

And the next New Year was called Year 1 of the New Kingdom Era in commemoration of this new beginning in a New Land. And the fires and plagues and shaking Earth of the Old World was forgotten across the waters and the people vowed never to return to that place, for God had blessed them with a rich and fertile land to build their New Kingdom.

Settlers Ships

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