The Book of Prophecy

In the Ancient time of the First Kings
There was a prophet whose name is lost to History
He walked with the Saints and counseled the First Kings of Men
And outlived his years threefold
He was first among many to lay down the words of the Holy Books
Which before had passed only from mouth to ear

And to these Ancient words he added his own
And so he is called The First Prophet
And the Prophet wrote…

This worlde belongs to good Men, and evil will always fail
But there will be dark times when the worlde seems lost
And evil Kings will rule the land with fear and ill deeds
During these dark times, let goodly Men of God resist these evils
For if their faith is strong, God will make His will known
At times His hand will touch the worlde in small places unseen
But in other times, the hand of God will shine bright
And fall upon evil Men like a fire from the sky
For all to see and none to mistake

Mighty castles of iron will be crushed by the fist of God
And mighty cities of kings burned by His fire
A shining tower of gold will be shaken to the ground by God’s wrath
And a shining crown of gems crushed into dust by His anger
The wise seers will be blinded by the light of God’s true glory
And mighty kings brought to their knees by the sight of God’s true power

The sea will rise up and drown the shipfleets
The earth will split asunder and swallow the footsoldiers
The winds will blow fierce and lay waste to the fields
The skies will storm and the stars will shift and wander loose upon the night
As the heavens speak portents of deeds that come once in a hundred conjunctions

And in these dark times many good Men will die to pay for the cruelties of evil Men
And good Men will cry out to God asking for mercy

But that these Acts may not be forgotten
God will burn the memory of these times of suffering into the hearts of all Men
So that the cost of evil will be known to all Men
And no Man shall be excused evermore his ill doing

How then shall good Men know the coming of ill times?
These are the words of The Prophet…

When the Kings of Men have more love of riches than of their subjects
And they set their ships a’sea more to conquer than explore

When the Holy Fathers have forgotten these Holy Books
And they speak more of themselves than of God

When the dreams of sleeping Men grow troubled
And nightmares intrude upon their waking hours

When Men feel themselves beset by spirits by night
And even the tame beast seems monstrous by day

Take these all as signs that dark times await
Take these all as calls to action
To keep faith in God
To hold true to His laws
To keep vigil against evil
And to remember its cost

The Book of Prophecy

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