Faerie Rhymes and Poems

Below you will find a collection of traditional children’s rhymes and poems – the sorts of things everyone would be vaguely familiar with. (Although some are more obscure and old-fashioned than others.) They are included to give some sense of historical and cultural flavor to the campaign. Consider this a partial list… the collection may grow over time.

Kingwizard wise, Kingwizard old
What have you found in your cave so cold?

A crystal ball and a staff of gold
Kingwizard wise, Kingwizard old

Mister Noland went to the Lowlands
Once in a shower of rain
He sunk in a puddle as deep as his middle
And ne’er was heard from again

The Iron King came down the hill
With fifty thousand men
He left them on the Battle Plains
And never came again

The Iron King came round the cape
With four and twenty ship
And to the bottom of King’s Bay
They made their final trip

Hide your baby when the Night Man comes
He’s black and hungry
Run! Run! Run!

Turn your head from the Night Man’s eyes
For he who sees them
Dies! Dies! Dies!

Captain Rabbit
Sailed the seas
His ship was made of Iron
And loaded up
With fifty guns
Though never had to fire ‘em
When pirate foes
Or enemies
On Rabbit set their aim
He’d crash his ship
Right through their hull
And split their boat in twain

Late at night when the Moon is full
Lock your windows, curtains pull

Changelings prowl with skins of men
And teeth of wolves out from their den

And walk the woods in search of meat
On two man legs with clawed pawed feet

Captain Corning
Sailed his ship
Across the Endless Sea
And if that sea be endless true
Who knows where Corning be?

Simon Sleep-Sand runs through town
Every eve when the sun does down
Close and lock your windows tight
Or he’ll sprinkle your eyes with sand tonight

Hugmugger men
Come now and then
Down below the basement
In their dark den

Tall as your knees
Quiet as bees
Down in the dark places
Nobody sees

For one hour
The ground shook
For two days
The sun ne’er rised
For three months
The cities burned
For four years
The strong men died
Til five dragons
Rose to the sky
And chased six ships
Across the sea

Faerie Rhymes and Poems

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